About SAN

Informācija kā izmantot SAN platformu saviem projektiem tiks publicēta 23.03.2018.

SAN is an augmented reality app that uses GPS to locate virtual 3D objects in physical environments. The scale and perspective of the objects are related both to the physical space and viewers viewpoint. SAN offers a new way to interact not only with buildings, and cities but also with art institutions and social structures. Project SAN is developed by artist Gints Gabrāns. SAN is available for download on App Store and Google Play for free.

Tips for using SAN:

- Keep your mobile device still while opening the app to ensure its precision. Upon error, restart the app

- "DOWNLOAD" button gives access to a new object, when entering its zone

- Internet connection is necessary only while downloading the app and the objects placed within it. Afterwards it uses only GPS

- There's a possibility to take photos of objects and share them on social media or e-mail directly from the app.