About SAN

SAN is a GPS based augmented reality mobile application.

The SAN application was created using a completely new and unique solution. It allows the formation of GPS based large-scale virtual structures that can be seen on a smart device as 3D objects in augmented reality. They can be viewed in the real space from various angles and you can move through them. The virtual objects have permanent GPS locations without being tied to optical markers or planes, as is the case with other augmented reality applications.

SAN is a new, planetary scale virtual space interwoven with the environment providing unlimited creative freedom. This virtual space becomes visible with the aid of the augmented reality application SAN.

The SAN project author is artist Gints Gabrāns.

The SAN application can be used in both the Android and IOS environment.

How to use the SAN platform for your own projects:

You send us your 3D file and we insert it into the SAN application. SAN can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store. The object will be visible to any user who has downloaded the application and who is in the defined zone where the object has been inserted. The object is inserted with the selected GPS coordinates and can be seen in a zone with a selected and defined radius.

SAN uses 3D models.

Models can be created using any 3D programme and saved in the FBX format. At the final stage all models are inserted into the Unity3d environment. You can submit a Unity3d (v5.4.2f2) .unitypackage.

The combined volume of polygons and texture should not exceed 20 Mb. If animation is used, the size of the project has to be reduced.

The maximum space for the insertion of a project’s modules is 20km in height and 50km radius. The radius of the space has to be defined and can be smaller. The object is not visible beyond the boundaries of the space.

The space’s north corresponds to the Unity3d programme environment. Y – top, Z – north.

Camera height above ground – 1.6m. The camera height DOES NOT CHANGE with changes in the height of the viewer.

The SAN application has two light sources. The lights are defined and CANNOT be changed. (The SANtest.unitypackage contains light sources for the correct depiction of the models.)

Animation is possible for models in space. Every frame must be marked (Animation/Bake All Frames). The animation of points is currently NOT possible.

Scripts CAN be used in creating works in the Unity3d environment bit ONLY from the Standard Assets. (Some scripts may not function.) Additional scripts are NOT possible. The results of using Unity3d Shaders have to be determined experimentally,

The SAN application won’t function on devices without GPS and a gyroscope.


How to use SAN:


 ⁃      when opening the application, keep the mobile device still to ensure its precision. In case of an error, restart the application.

⁃      the "DOWNLOAD" plug-in gives access to a new object if you are in its zone;

⁃      an Internet connection is only required for downloading the application and the objects that can be seen in it. Afterwards it works using only GPS;

⁃      photographed objects can on social networks and/or sent to yourself by e-mail.